Elections for the BC Teachers’ Council are held every three years. One election takes place in each of the five election zones. Only eligible certificate holders can run for election in a zone, and certificate holders vote in the zones in which they live.

To be eligible for nomination as a candidate for an election and serve as zone representative, a person must be a resident in that zone, hold a valid BC teaching certificate, and be a practising teacher; that is, a certificate holder who has carried out one or more of the following duties in the preceding two years in the course of his or her employment:

  • design, supervision and assessment of educational programs;
  • instruction, assessment and evaluation of individual students and of groups of students.

A certificate holder must also be nominated by ten certificate holders each having his or her principal residence in the zone. A call for nominations and any corresponding materials, including the nomination form, will be made available on the TRB website in advance of any upcoming elections.

Before taking office, a person elected to the BC Teachers' Council must take and sign, by oath or by solemn affirmation, a prescribed Oath Of Office in accordance with section 11 of the Teachers Act.

Call for Nominations – for the 2018 BC Teachers' Council Elections

Pursuant to Section 22 of the Teachers Act, this is a call for nominations for BC certified teachers to serve as members of the BC Teachers' Council for a three-year term. The BCTC has five seats that are selected by an election by certificate holders.

This call for nominations applies to all five zones. The term for a Council member elected or acclaimed will end in the spring of 2021. Completed nomination forms with original signatures must be received by the Teacher Regulation Branch on or before January 9, 2018. Forms that are incomplete, inaccurate or received after this deadline will not be accepted.

The nomination package, which includes the nomination form, is available now.

Election Zones

The election zones correspond with the five provincial geographical health zones. These zones are:

  • Fraser Zone
  • Interior Zone
  • Northern Zone
  • Vancouver Coastal Zone
  • Vancouver Island Zone